3D model of Toronto!

Hi guys, I recently got into 3D modelling different cities. I think my favourite so far is Toronto.

I actually have an etsy shop where I sell my models so I don’t want to share my stl files, but I am happy to explain my creation process! :blush: It’s not too complicated.



There is a CN tower model also and i printed it 4 ft

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Nice, that must look awesome



Next is i am going to print in Red white Red Canadian Flag and full scale print can go to 7 ft that’s the plan with my engineer i am working on making it hollow section to put LED

Toronto, the center of the Universe, eh?

People still think Toronto is Capital of Canada. :grinning:

ok i also printed Seattle Niddle tower Amazon Echo stand . :innocent:


What was your process or data source? are you extracting data from 3D google maps?

that’s awesome, I never would have thought of that

So the best way to learn the basics and set up is follow this tutorial: https://youtu.be/Vfz5FKjGErQ

There’s a blender add on called blender-osm that will take open source city data and create the buildings/landscapes.

But be warned it’s not perfect and there is still clean up and editing that needs to be done. For example I cut out the water parts by hand (my personal choice to remove it) and sometimes buildings will come out floating/incomplete so I will have to clean that up myself. Not all cities have good data (for example the eiffel tower in Paris comes out as a solid block), so sometimes it’s just too hard to do some cities.


That tutorial is awesome, if you wanted to do one of your house that would be pretty cool, I can see how you got hooked on it.

Jason H

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