3d parts for Work? Laser and Stainless?

I work away from home more then I like, and when home I don’t get much time to play with my printer (wife’s list is always too long). So I dream of having a second printer out of town and from time to time at work I’ll need a support, bracket, adaptor, spacer, etc and all I can think is, if I had that printer I could just print one of what I need.

Does anyone here have a 3d printer at work to build parts to use in an installation of whatever? I install instrumentation and tubing in industrial settings like processing plants for mines.

How about laser’s options on the printers, think any are good enough to burn text into stainless tags? That’s another dream, need a SS tag, NP, I’ll just go make it now!

My work just bought 10 Prusa MK3S+ and we have a couple of Resin printers pepoly. We put in for a Fuse1 from Formlab but the state of the economy they decided to put that on hold. The fuse does lazer sintering it seems like the most likely for parts or at least in my applications. Someday soon I hope,

Mostly my printers do work stuff. I also have a plasma table. You can get small cnc routers for a couple hundred that would be prefect for engraving tags for control panels I think…