3d Print canada Euro ABS

Hey guys, just wondering what settings you guys use for the in house brand EURO ABS.

I’m printing 240/ 80 and no matter what i do I cannot get the parts to not warp.

It’s not a bed adhesion issue, i’m using a spring steel sheet with PEI on it. its actually pulling the sheet off the magnet ever so slightly.

I’ve tried with an enclosure and without let the part cool to ambient I have Zero drafts as the only fan in the enclosure is the hot end fan and that is taped up on the bottom to prevent any air going down.

i’ve had the filament in a dehydrator for 12 hours, its box fresh and i just cannot get it.

essais avec du ruban a peinture pour sa colle et applique colle en bâton sur le ruban
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Hello AJL,
Great to hear you’re using and Enclosure.

HAve you tried at 240C Nozzle and 100C Bed?
If you’re using Magnetic Spring Steel, the Magnets will fail at higher temps.
Please use Glass surface with Binder Clips and Elmer’s purple water washable Glue stick.

Oh! What infill vs outer layers are you using?
I’m normally 20% infill 3 walls.

i switched over to a glass bed, 40% infill 4 walls.

Ive tried 240-250 and 80-100.

i’m also getting tons of moisture pops even though the filament sat in a dehydrator forever, the bag wasn’t vacuum sealed when i opened the box, i made it work but i’m probably going to look for a different ABS brand at this point

I Personally use the Standard Line ABS, Sakata ABS-E, MG Chemicals ABS