3D Print Removal Tool for sale on Amazon

Hey everyone, I am selling a 3D print removal tool that should serve everybody well at an affordable price. Our extremely sturdy and well-crafted 3D print removal tool is perfect for all makers, designers, artists and 3D printing enthusiasts. The wooden handle provides an ergonomic and comfortable grip, ensuring precise control during print removal. The blade is perfect for safely removing your 3D print from the bed and also for removing extra materials so that your print looks as pristine as possible.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a DM and I will answer them as soon as possible. :grinning:

Get yours today: https://www.amazon.com/3D-Print-Removal-Tool-Professional/dp/B01AJI1M04/

Watch our promo video:

P.S. If you can’t afford it right now, send me a DM and I’ll see if I can get you a promotional code for a discount on the product.

Looks interesting but somewhat pricey compared to other options.

What materials and temperatures do you have certifications for? I’d also be interested in seeing what kind of instructional videos you have for the product.

How is this tool better, or different from a normal hardware store scraper?
Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice, but what makes it “perfect for all makers” and better than “other” scrapers?
No insult intended, I do want to know.

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I too am curious about this. Once again no offense by any of this but it looks exactly the same as every other scraper I have ever seen.

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@mykepredko The 3D print removal tool is made out of solid wood and the scraper is 100% Carbon Steel metal so it won’t easily break upon use.

@Oldmopars @Matthew You can check the reviews to see how it is better than most 3D print removal tools that are out there.

I hope I answered all of your questions. You guys have been very helpful with improving the product experience for our customers.

We are running a promotion for the next 30 days beginning at Midnight today and runs until Midnight 9/16/2023 for 30% off the product. This promotion is exclusive to 3D printing hobbyists, makers and artists only and members of 3D Printing Space.

You can use the code ‘30PRINTR’ at check out to apply our promotion. :smiley:

Let’s do some math here. You’re charging $13.97 USD for a scraper along with $9.28 USD for shipping - that’s $23.25 USD which converts to $31.38 Canadian (which is where most people on this list are located).

What makes it superior to something that most people can pick up at a local hardware store like:


for a third of the price (when sales tax is included)?

Or, if I’m willing to wait, something like this:


which is 1/6th of the price and has free shipping?


I’m still not sure I really understand what sets it apart from the other ones after reading the reviews, one review says it is better than a plastic card? Another reviewer says that you should just check the box that came with the printer because there is probably the exact same thing inside. And the 3rd review which is the only really positive review also doesn’t really say anything of substance and is a review that was done in return for a discount.

I’m not saying that the product is crap or that people shouldn’t buy it, I’m just trying to figure out what about this product warrants the apparent price hike over other related products. Personally I have been using the same scraper for like 10 years now, it was nothing special, got it at Canadian Tire for $5 and I have never needed anything else.


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I won’t go so far as saying it’s a scam - most likely the guy got stuck with a bunch of scrapers for pennies on the dollar and is trying to unload them at a premium. Regardless, I am suspicious of the Amazon reviews he’s posted.

He’s trying to turn lemons into lemonade.

Regardless, I thought using metal scrapers to remove 3D prints was out and has been for a few years now because of the potential damage they can do to the print surface.

Yeah I agree with you here, I don’t think its a scam… maybe a rip-off. I am definitely suspect of the amazon reviews.

I don’t find I really need to use scrapers all that much, but when I do my metal scraper seems to suffice. I haven’t really looked into the other options available but I’m sure there must be better alternatives.

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Maybe they were made on Forged in Fire…from Damascus Steel… “it will keel”… could be worth it :rofl: :rofl:

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Ah man that would be so cool, definitely worth the price then!

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If it’s not Valerian steel, I’m not interested.

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I think we need a Beskar scraper


I was able to successfully list the 3D Print Removal Tool on Amazon Canada so that every Canadian will be able to enjoy free shipping with Prime for each order placed. See here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01AJI1M04

We’ve also reduced the price of the tool by $1, so that it is a better deal for all users starting today.

Remember to use the code ‘30PRINTR’ at checkout to apply the 30% off promotion for another discount on the item.