3D Printed Face Fools Facial Recognition Software

Olaf Diegel is a familiar name in the world of additive manufacturing, largely thanks to his collection of self-designed/manufactured 3D printed guitars.

When he is not printing these intricate and functional instruments, he is working as Professor of Additive Manufacturing at the University of Auckland, where he has access to a lot of fun technology to play around with.

Most recently he and his team have been experimenting with their full color Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer, and during some exploratory testing of the machine’s capabilities, they decided to see how well the printer could mimic a human face to test the color quality of the printer.

How well did the first print come out?

See for yourself in the image below, which resembles a scene from the movie Darkman (in which a scientist turns superhero and 3D prints himself a whole bunch of new faces to fight evil).

As a side note, it does seem that 1990’s Darkman appears to be the first appearance of a 3D printer-type device in a movie. If you can think of an earlier movie depicting AM technology, then let us know in the comments. And no, Star Trek doesn’t count. Also check Darkman out. It’s a great movie.

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I was going to say Mission Impossible (at least one of them) but that series only started in 1996.

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