3D Printed Guitar

Hi everyone, its been a slow day here today so I figured I would make a post showing off one of my current projects. I have been a bass player for around 8 years now, and I was looking to get into something else. So I decided to start to try and pick up playing electric guitar!

I decided it might be fun to try and print a guitar and see how it sounds versus some of the others I already have. I settled on a Warlock since I don’t have any other really metal looking guitars and metal is my favorite to play. Here is the one that I went with: Printables

Ended up printing the outside pieces in PLA+ and doing the inside pieces in ABS for some extra strength, especially where the neck screws in. I’m quite happy with how the print turned out, now I just have to finish sanding it and painting it while I wait for all the parts to come in.

What do you think of the Frank sticker on the bottom? I know that I want to include one, but there isn’t a lot of space with the honeycomb :grin: I will have to experiment a bit with where it goes.

I am very curious to see how it plays, hopefully it is not too top heavy, I am going to kit it out with an Ibanez neck and EMG pickups.

Anyways, let me know if you have any other ideas of things that I could try!

(also, I’m aware of the horrible ringing on the middle piece, I have re-run input shaper and its all better now. It will be gone during the sanding steps anyways)

Happy Printing,

That looks pretty cool. I wouldn’t paint it - just leave it - looks industrial. It looks like where the neck connects and where the bridge connects are 2 separate pieces. If so I would be worried about the rigidity and the lack of sustain. I have a “few” guitars myself, including a 1968 Fender P bass - ROCK ON :metal:

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Thanks for the response,

Ill see how it looks when all the gluing is finished, but maybe I will just leave it. I have the glue curing at home now, so it should be ready when I get back. The EMG’s came in yesterday and the neck is supposed to come in soon, so shouldn’t be too long till its ready to go.

As for the rigidity, I was concerned about that as well, the model that I used included a slot in the middle which I put a piece of steel into. Should help with the rigidity a bit, but the author of the file also said that he has tested it without the piece in the middle and it seems to have held up fine for a couple of years now.

The nice thing is that if it breaks I can just print a new one with some modifications :grin:


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Morning everyone,

Thought I would throw an update in for my progress on the guitar. The rest of the electronics are supposed to be coming in within the next couple days and I can hopefully get this finished up!

I ended up using a bunch of coats of resin and sanding them down in between, on the final coat I used some pigment to make it really dark. Then I took it down to around 3000 grit wet sanding, it is crazy smooth! I really like the matt finish it has, unfortunately so do the fingerprints :expressionless:, it matches the finish on the emg’s really well.

Just finishing putting coats of polyurethane on the neck and then I will attach it on. I took a panorama of the guitar in its current state (which is why it looks so wonky :grin: )

Rock on,