3D Printed Guns – The Current Situation (2021)

3D printed guns are appearing more and more in the news and both makers and lawmakers around the world have taken notice.

There have been efforts to stifle the use and creation of 3D printed firearms and efforts to make them cheaper, more accessible, and easier to manufacture.

Regardless of where you stand, the rise in the status and power of these weapons poses a number of difficult questions.

Should someone with the files for a 3D printed gun be charged with the same crime as someone who actually has the gun? What’s the best way to regulate 3D printed weapons? Are 3D printed guns even legal? What’s their history?

Read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

Thanks for posting.

With the coming federal legislation this is very timely.

And I’m from NJ - the only state where even owning the STL files is a crime.

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In Canada its 100% legal to manufacture your own firearm so long as it fall into the proper licensing category and you own that license. It is illegal to distribute that firearm however.

I like how we have that balance.
I feel that if someone wants to commit a crime using a gun, 3d printed or not, making it illegal to have the STL files won’t change things and stop them from doing anything. The flip side is that if responsible people who are found to be trained, capable and law abiding want to build a firearm that meets what they’re legally permitted to do, our streets are no more dangerous for it. Besides, it would be the same as building one out of steel and wood anyway.

Of course. A zip gun can be made from 10$ worth of hardware store pipe, zipties, and misc. And has as much functionality as a printed gun wear and tear wise