3d printed meat-alternative? Yea or Nay?

For the carnivores on the forum…

Would you eat 3d printed meat?

I think I will stick to getting it off of the hoof.

Actually if you think about it. Almost everything sold in the middle of a grocery store is squirted through a nozzle of one sort or another and most of it bares little resemblance to what it says it is on the package before it was sent to the nozzle.

Yes but there is a difference between processed cheese and artificial meat. I have seen some reviews of this fake meat before and it has a way to go before people will want to eat it. It doesn’t even look palatable. Lack of real food is just another sign of the massive over population problem.

I have to throw a hard no on this one.


How’s it taste and what does it cost and what kind of other crap are they putting into it for flavouring … that’s where most of these simulated meat products fail. Sure, no red meat, but chalk full of crazy chemicals and sodium. The last guys from Israel have the right approach I think … but as with many early products, I think I’d wait for around v 3.1 to start in :wink:

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