3D Printed Organs: The Most Promising Projects in 2021

Despite the thousands of organ transplants that happen around the world, it simply can’t meet the ever-increasing demand for organ donation. Unfortunately, living and deceased donors are today the only viable source for these life-saving organs, as we can’t just produce them at an organ factory. Yet.

Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary medical branch that develops methods to promote organ and tissue regrowth by repairing or even replacing damaged or injured cells. It employs a wide range of techniques, including stem cell treatment and tissue engineering, which is where 3D printing is being extensively researched.

In this article, we’ll go over the latest and most exciting developments in 3D printed organ projects, organized by the type of organ. Before we jump in, let’s establish what 3D bioprinting really is and how it can be applied to produce tissues and organs.


@Tony I have been watching the bio printing. That is actually what got me interested in 3d printing in the first place. Someone close to me had a bio (swine) valve and a mechanical valve in her heart. The mechanical vales throw blood clots so it increases the possibility of a stroke heart / attack, heck a blood clot anywhere is a bad thing. The heart surgeon had spoken with hope that a 3d printed heart or heart valve might be ready when her most recent mechanical needed replacement (2030 ish). She will never see it but I remain super hopeful others will!

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Wow! It is pretty great that 3D printing is making great advances in basically all areas related to “technology”. You couldn’t be more correct, lets hope it will help others in every way possible :slight_smile:

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Lets hope it doesn’t end in some sad misuse. The doctor and I also spoke of women looking at a complete mastectomy getting a scan, bio print and then the operation removed and replace breast tissue. That has plastic surgery possibilities, I want buy, (a scan of ____) and replace . Remember that bad face off movie… :flushed:

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