3D printed Scale Armor

Something new I’m working on thought I would share .
still needs painting and finishing work.

My Thingiverse link if you want to download Scale Armor remix by MikeLand - Thingiverse

Nice armor


That’s looking pretty awesome Mike.
Are you going to print chainmail to go under it as well?

Thanks Blair no chainmail this time around .

haha I’m hoping to achieve something a little cooler when I’m done.

that’s really nice, I am assuming you are doing attachment points or are you doing print in place?

Cool. It looks like binder tabs for the rivets?

So basically you’re 3d printing the lames instead of cutting them from leather (or steel, but that shape looks more like leather to me) and then assembling it more like real (ie, functional) lamelar? That feels like it would be perhaps twice as fast and a lot lighter-weight if it’s a non-functional costume.

Although those binder tabs mean I, at least, would want proper padding under that…

Hi Jason I had considered print in place but decided to go with individual scales and they are held together with split pins.

Hi vagabondElf I decided to take the scales and turn them into plates for my armor using the split pins as rivets since I’m doing my own thing and not going for historical accuracy . I’m going to paint my plates and back them with felt for comfort if that doesn’t work I will get some thin packing foam. I’m really working out the details as I go along. Thanks