3D printed tools

Here are a few tools that I have printed for my other hobby

kerf compensation jig

Vacuum adapter for my miter saw

Mini sanding block

Marking gauge


Awesome work! Great prints @eeffoc !

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i like that parallel edge marking gauge!

did you design the Vacuum attach yourself?

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I was going to attempt to try and design something but then I stumbled across this

Here is the marking gauge (printable in both inches or millimeters :slight_smile: )


Thanks A lot!!

I’'ll get to this printing

I like that sanding block, seems a convenient size for cleaning up edges

I only wish I had the room to have a need for some of those tools. My vehicles actually get to park in my garage! lol


All my woodworking tools have to go on shelves when not in use and outside when used. It is a real downer sometimes.

Really like the sanding block and marking gauge .
Marking gauge has given me inspiration for a gauge to assist me in model boat building.

My wife tried… it didn’t fly.
I have my little garage stuffed with welders, reloaders anvils, a drill press grinders, ifs ready freaking tight in there, but at least I can lock the kids out!

The sanding block and marker guage look pretty handy. I’m not sure about the compound mitre saw vacuum attachment. I set fire to mine. I use the compound mitre saw with an abrasive blade (whatever it’s properly called) to cut metal and the hot metal shavings ended up getting sucked into the sawdust container :slight_smile:

I’m no expert but it’s probably not going to end well keeping them together :laughing:

The sanding block is great for small details like model boats @Keithwspc

The marking gauge works well but the pencil :pencil2: hole can be a tight fit. I recommend printing the sanding block first, that way you can modify the pencil if you need to. :smile:

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I’m almost done printing all the blast gates I need for my dust collection system. Probably saved 150 dollars vs. buying them.

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