3D Printing a Drill-Powered eScooter

When you need to commute a short distance, there’s hardly a better choice today than an electric scooter; they’re fun, practical, and affordable. And when you need to make an electric scooter from little more than an old skateboard and a drill, there’s definitely no better tool to have at your disposal than a 3D printer. Youtube DIYer Alexandre Chappel put his 3D printer to good use to print his own drill-powered e-scooter so he can get to work in style.

When I first saw the title of the video, I expected that Alexandre printed a few brackets that would connect more off-the-shelf components made of metal, but he really commits to this build and uses very few metal pieces, just a couple bearings and axles. Besides the skateboard deck, the wooden handlebars, and the drill, pretty much everything else is printed. Well, there is the metal bar on the bottom to add rigidity because his weight broke the first old skateboard.


OK I kinda want one!

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Right?! Ugh, me too :rofl:

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Okay that looks super fun. I wonder how long the drill would last (both in battery life and basic wear and tear)?


I was already thinking about using a 60 Volt dewalt battery on it and it would last for hours…

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What about the drill motor itself? Seems like it wouldn’t be designed to be continuously run like that…

it would get pretty warm but it would so be worth it

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