3d printing Canada at crossroads

What kind of company is this?
Are you serving the manufacturers or the consumers?
How dow you make money and what are your limits?
No one is following this portal; I have been tracking it for days and it is bad.
Why don’t you give me a selling price.

I dont work for them, but dont understand your frustration either. 3D Printing Canada is a local 3d printing supply shop for me. Though they serve businesses too.

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This is about an online “unboxing” event they did for a product they have no intention of selling.
We’ve all seen the videos about how the manufacturers do business.

Then just put it down as a community service. If they are not going to sell it then they are not profiting from it and are just spreading information to this site’s members. Hardly a crime of the century.


It’s something that I appreciate - always want to know more about what’s going on and I want to hear it from somebody that is local and I can follow up with if I have questions.

Please keep with the reviews!


I know Ted finds it hard to believe that we were sent a 3d printer for free to unbox for our YouTube audience but it is what it is. We were not paid to film this video. As a matter of fact, an average YouTube video costs our company around $500+ to produce once you factor in the camera operator, editing, and on-camera personality. Since we offer many tutorial-based YouTube videos it allows us to educate our customers and reduce the number of support requests we receive.

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Maybe Ted needs to understand that printer and filament companies send their products out for review all the time. Most of the talking heads on You Tube get many machines (sometimes dozens over the years) for free to revue and many also get filament for free. That doesn’t mean the reviews are not honest.

I’m right here, Chris. No need to talk over your customer’s heads.
If you want to respond to my criticism, I would appreciate the respect of being addressed directly.
If you are indeed recieving free printers to review with no strings attached, I’d love to see such a declaration right in the video, and if you have no intention of selling the device, same expectation.
We know that many of these unboxing videos are tainted with side deals and proviso, so by all means trumpet your altruistic purity within the content, should this virginal beatification exist.
Also, I produce video content for my small business regularly, and you can save your 500 dollar guff. It doesn’t do much for your credibility, especially if it’s true.
Look, I didn’t mean to start a pissing contest here, but you guys got defensive and punchy, so now I’m calling you out like I mean it.

Further, I remain confused about the business case.
You are paying an imaginary 500 dollars to reduce the amount of service calls you take for a machine you don’t sell?
You charge 100 bucks an hour shop rate, or at least that’s what you charge me. Lucrative. I’ve never understood why you dont have an army of nerds levelling beds,flashing firmware and tightening belts. And you certainly have no obligation to pay people to toubleshoot other retailer’s products on the phone for free.
As far as I can see, the only people doing public service are the guys on this site helping noobs set their z offset.

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Hi Ted

I am sorry I did not see your thread earlier, I think I am missing something here. Do you have an issue with our unboxing videos? We have many requests to do unboxing videos pretty regularly. In all honesty, we don’t do all of the ones that we are requested to do. We do the ones that we feel may take a place in our store.

I maybe would like to explain it this way, We get requested to do maybe 50 unboxing a year, Of those we decide on maybe 20 to actually do. Part of the unboxing process is to kind of vet the printer and see if it’s something that we would be interested in carrying in-store. If we feel it’s a printer that fills a gap in our store we will carry it for our customers to purchase. Kywoo3D is a perfect example of that. I personally had never heard of the brand before we did the unboxing. Now we carry it in-house.

All of the Kywoo Printers we paid for. did the video and then use them as display models in our store. Even if it was a printer that we got free of charge is that wrong that we use it in a video, and then use it in our store as a display model IF we decide to carry it? I personally don’t see the issue with that.

If we get a “free” printer (which we will always have to pay the shipping on) and we decide not to carry it we will donate it to a robotics club or a school that requires/requests it. Even a free printer still costs us something, the person doing the video and the production crew behind the cameras all have to get paid and that’s all an expense. If the company that gave us the free printer asks for it back after the video is done we send it back, Not an issue.

I am truly sorry Ted, clearly, you are upset and I am sorry but I am failing to understand why?

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Teds molehill is just getting bigger.

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This is a platform for sharing and learning in a friendly manner for enthusiasts.

Please lock or delete this thread.

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HI Trinity, I will go ahead and close this thread.

Ted, If you would like to reach out to me directly please PM me directly and I will address any issues you may have.