3D Printing Canada EURO PETG

so I’ve been having a couple of issues with this filament…
1- sticking to the bed, found a solution by using painters tape but would like other suggestions as tape shrinks then I get lined in bottom layer
2- 1st layer I can never seem to get a perfect (or close) 1st layer unless I’m printing a raft
3) lifting, I printed 4-5 prints no issues but now the print (though stuck to the tape) lifts the tape up along with the print.

Ender 5+ and Ender 3 both do the same, printing at 250, 80 with NO cooling and speed about 40mm/sec
Any suggestions are welcomed

When I print any PETG, I print at 230, 70 bed cooling fan 30% at layer 3 on. I print on glass with glue stick and usually give it a little extra squish to the filament.

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Hi Logan5,
Glue stick was my next option… what type do you use?

I need pictures of your Prints please as clear as possible

I’ve got the grey, the orange, and the white Euro PETG and have had not issues with this line of filament. Next to the Prusament PETG this is my go to PETG. I use PrusaSlicer and copy over the Prusament PETG settings. 240°C/85°C first layer, then up to 250°C/90°C on the rest of the layers, fan comes on after the 3rd layer. Prior to heating, I print this stuff on the PEI smooth sheet with a light and even application of glue which is then smoothed out with 99% IPA and a Kimwipe. If I am using the textured sheet, I just make sure I have washed down the surface with soap and water and follow up with the IPA in the area I am print in before the warm-up, no glue. No issues with adhesion and the enclosure is closed during printing. My advice, clean and leveled bed, good squish on the first layer, and use an enclosure.

Lately, I have been bumping up the bed temperature by 4 to 5°C on the 2nd layer and above. My thought is with the elevated temperature, a slight cooling change in temperature while printing keeps the temperature above what the first layer was applied at and won’t cause any contraction to lose the adhesion. I could be wrong, but since I started doing this, I don’t have any issues.

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I use Elmers Purple washable glue stick. Usually pick up a 3 pack in Walmart for around $8.

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