3D Printing Hub Design - Octoprint App Alternative?

After reviewing the Creality Smart kit which came with the Creality Wifi Box I was very disappointed, so I decided to make a video discussing what I’d like to see from companies in the future. I’m also interested in seeing what some of you think would be needed in such a device, since the more feedback companies get, the better the end product will be. I’m really hoping that companies like Anycubic, Creality, Prusa, Elegoo all try to take this information into consideration before they start working on something similar.

Prusa already has everything set for octoprint, it is close to plug and play. You only need to add the correct pins to the WiFi board and clip a couple of tabs on the printed board cover plug it in and turn on the WiFi settings in the menus.

It is very easy and works well. There are very detailed instructions on the prusa site.


It’s good to hear that Prusa does have some integration added within its ecosystem. I’m also very happy to hear about the documentation, since they’re probably one of the few companies I’ve come across that take to the time to make these very detailed for their users. A lot of companies could learn from them in that regard.

I would really like the ability to connect multiple printers with the same interface. Unfortunately, currently you need to have different instances open to do it with Octoprint, and it isn’t officially supported as yet. Octoprint is excellent, but there are a couple of things I would like improved.

It will be interesting once Prusa Connect is released. It is the farm software they and others have been using. It is expected soon I think Covid slowed it up. They switched all production to printing face shields for Europe’s hospitals . Somewhere around 1/4 million they donated. That put them behind on everything.

Do we have any news whether the software will work on machines other than their own? It would be great to have a couple of options.

No. I would guess that based on the slicer they adopted and that they have never done anything that is Proprietary I would expect it will.

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