3D Printing Newbie in the UK

I bought a 3d printer purely to create some props for my office space, I’m a Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, DC fan and I like the idea of having a couple of display cabinets in my home office that can be seen when I’m on conference calls, etc.
I bought a Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro and am getting to grips with that.
I want to print the props off life size and, believe it or not, my second print after the obligatory bunny test print was the front and rear parts of Daredevil’s mask.
I need to join the front and rear, sand, prime and paint it but it is literally life size to the point where it will fit on my head.

I’ve had a couple of issues with PLA not sticking to the bed, I tried a couple of things to resolve that and found a video on YouTube that takes you through levelling the bed by using a receipt!
To be perfectly honest, since I did that the printer is working perfectly!

I like the idea of printing the props in a single print I’ve already bought my second printer, a refurbed Ender 3 Max.
I’ll upgrade this one as far as I can and learn more while leaving the S1 Pro alone, for now.

nice very good job

Looks good, welcome.