3d printing problems

Don’t know what lm doing wrong. I’ve created this is tinkered which when printing doesn’t print to proper dimensions. The height is supposed to be 21.50 mm and itonly prints to 12.70 mm. I add supports to it and then l can’t remove them. I’ve adjusted z offset to where it’s producing good first layer ( l ran some z offset test ). I leveled the bed. Can’t figure this out.
Here is the picture of what lm trying to print and this is what it supposed to look like.

Any help would be appreciated.

What slicer are you useing?


When you load the object do the dimmensions on the bottom right (x,y,z) seem to be the right size your expecting?

Yes the dimensions are correct.

Those are different models.
One has two extentions from the box, the other only has one.

Severely binding z axis?
Do other models print with correct dimensions?

These pieces don’t require supports if you orientate them as shown. Print each piece separately to reduce filament wastage if it goes wrong.

What printer are you using? Is it selected in Prusaslicer?

I have a Ender 5 pro and it’s selected in prusaslicer. I had the lcd screen replaced with the ender 3 V2 screen and had jyers firmware installed and tested. I finally got bed leveled and z offset set. When l print this this is what happens. Don’t understand.

What motherboard is in the Ender 5 pro.

Creality 4.2.7

It could be the grub screw on the z-axis is slightly loose and not raising the gantry appropriately.

So you now have a Ender 5 pro V2, sweet!

It looks like with the firmware you have loaded, it may be meant for a z motor using 1.8 degrees. Some versions of these printers use 0.9 degree motors and some 1.8 degrees, meaning that your z steps are essential half of what they should be. Do your z step calibrations and report back.

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You are correct. Moved z steps to 800 and all is well. Adjusted z offset too.
Thanks for your help.