3D scanning with XBOX Kinect

I’ve been using my smartphone for 3d scanning but the results were pretty poor. Browsing the web I found a way to breathe new life into my Xbox Kinect. I hope this 3d scanning method will be helpful for someone.

P.S. In this video guide the author uses the Kscan3D software. I’ve tested ReconstructMe and the trial version of ArtecStudio 13. The 3D scans are much better than using a smartphone.


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Have you gotten them working with the Xbox 360 Kinect?

I was having issues where windows 10 wouldn’t recognize the 360 Kinect (recognizes the Xbox one Kinect fine), I wound up find the drivers but I was locked into using Skanect because it’s the only would that would recognize the 360 Kinect!

It’s been a while since I’ve tried and I could have used a newer Kinect, but I was trying to use an old 360 one I have from a previous project.