3D Software creations

What 3D software do you guys use if any?

I am currently using Blender to 3D modeling monsters and creatures. Being fairly new to the program, I’m finding it easier then I thought. What do you guys use, and lets see some creations.

I have used SolidWorks, Catia, NX, Fusion360, Inventor, TinkerCAD, and other various obscure 3D design software. Currently, I am using Inventor!

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I use OpenSCAD almost exclusively, not because it’s particularly great, but because it’s more oriented toward programmers since you build your objects with scripts rather than drawing tools.


I mostly use Fusion 360, I used to use Tinkercad for the in browser capability but they have since added it to Fusion 360 as well!

I’m still tinkering and learning Fusion, I’m currently learning how to do stress testing and generative design for some of my personal parts!

I use Meshmixer when I have a mesh file to edit that’s too complex for fusion.

I really want to learn Blender and Inventor, I also want to try out some of the ‘sculpting’ softwares, especially the VR sculpting ones (but that requires a VR setup and time lol…).


Fusion 360 mostly but I do use Meshmixer and Matter control sometimes.


I too am Fusion. I have used meshmixer and solid works on special occasions but 360 is my go too.