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I’m building an fdm type printer using Arduino mega 2560, ramps 1.4 in hotend, fan, hearbed confirmation. Using motor drivers drv8825 to run 5 stepper motors. Entire project has run perfectly when everything is run last month but now one of the two extruder outputs is not working. There is no issue with motors, ive checked that, no issue with drivers all of them are perfect , even I’ve changed Arduino boards and ramps boards, there is no response. I’ve changed 3 ramps boards and 2 Arduino boards. But there is no difference. Any sort of help is appreciated. Ive uellverything Thank you…:pray:t2:

You mentioned one of two extruded outputs is not working. Does your configuration file know that you are running two extrudes ?

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When you say that your extruder output is not working what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that the motor is not working? Or is it something with the hotend?


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I think you should test and see if the devices are working on your hot end. Please let me explain.

You mentioned in your post “but now one of the two extruder outputs is not working”

This would lead me to believe that at some point this was working and for whatever reason now it is not.

I personally wouldhandle this in the following manor. Lets say you have 2 extruders on this printer, E1 and E2. Currently E1 works and E2 is giving you an issue. I would change the wiring transferring all components from E2 onto the controls for E1. You know E1 works (at least all the coding and controlling for it. Now you should be able to control heat, Fan and motor my making all the calls to E1 when in fact you are testing E2.

If the above test is successful then that tells me the hardware for E2 is working, it also tells me the wiring and setup is also working. That would tell me you have something on the board or software that is failing or misconfigured.

Post up again and let us know how the above test goes and give us a little more information about your setup. We will help you get it figured out, I’m looking forward to it.

Actually I’m running a single extruder only. The problem is, the extruder Motor is not running. I’ve checked with both of the output pins E0 and E1 on ramps board by reconfiguring marlin file. But there is no response. I’ve also changed ramps boards. Still the same issue.

There is no problem with hotend. Extruder output is not working. There is no problem with motor cause I’ve checked the motor with x output and motor is working. Exchanged stepper drivers with x axis and they run perfectly. So there is no issue with drivers. I could not figure out what’s wrong.

I don’t want two extruder outputs. I just need any one of the 2 outputs. But both of them are not working.

understandable, I was not suggesting reconfiguring I thought you had multiple.

My theory is just to eliminate the hardware and narrow down the source.

If the hardware devices are good, I would next test the wiring from the control board to the motor,
If this is good check a different output (which I believe you have done.

This really only leaves us with something mainboard or firmware. If you have a “spare” output that you can use I would reconfigure to use it, If not I would at leave go through the firmware basically line by line to ensure you are not pointing something in the wrong direction.

Try to call for heat from the code console and see if you get an error message back. “min temp not reached” or something like that. I burned a firmware once and set my min temp to 1770 instead of 170
Totally a fat finger on my behalf but did not see the error until I called for it in the console and then attempted to extrude again via the console and then the error popped telling me min temp not reached.

If all the components work and the board works, and the stepper driver works really only 2 options as a cause, Wiring or firmware. can’t think about what else it may be.

Thank you Jason. I don’t have a spare output for stepper motor. But I have an extra output for a fan but I think it won’t be useful for a stepper motor. Can we have a call I really need some help?

Ahh, I just put 2 and 2 together, Yes All is good.

I can schedule a call with you, not an issue. I have reached out via DM. Once we have figured out the issue I will update the thread in case anyone is watching for a solution.