3DPrintle - the Wordle of Print Failures

Wordle, the sensational online word-game, has endeared the internet — and new takes on the simple format have cropped up for just about anything you can imagine. Now, there’s 3DPrintle: a Wordle-inspired minigame that challenges players to identify 3D print failures against an AI.


Very interesting. Thank you @lauran !

A lot of the failures are difficult to see with only one image as well as having the boxes around obscuring details (especially if they’re over other issues) at least that’s the excuse I’m sticking to for the errors I made.

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I had a really hard time with the interface for it. Also … it seems like they are just farming out training AI for free. If they are gonna do that then I also want a free subscription to whatever service they are going to charge for! It’s all fun and games until they sell your work for $$.