3dRS Fast+ Grey

Well having issue with the 3DRS Fast + Grey I tried a few different setting. Mostly started with their website spec, love some help thank you . Forgot using a phrozen sonic mini 4k,

Hey Marc, did you end up finding settings that worked well with that resin?

I give up on that resin big waste of time and money lol. I stick with phrozen 4k resin or some elegoo to be honest. Wish I never wasted my cash on it.

Yeah I hear ya, I kinda jumped the gun buying this stuff, vs a popular resin that would have alla that support from people trying it out… Learned that lesson in the FDM world, stick with what’s popular, atleast when you’re starting out. Looks like I need to re-learn that with the SLA world :slight_smile:

8 did same thing got 2 thinking I was smart nope back fired like you I reach out to the company and phrozen still could not get a win just wasted it all doing test that never work lol. Sorry you had same issue has me my friend maybe they should take it off the page lol.ps don’t use their cleaner no good for models or fine stuff