3DSets RC Cars Build log

I’ve been working on this 3d printed RC car for a few weeks now. I picked up an RC car around New Year for rock crawling and ended up, inevitably, printing parts for it. I then learned of a site called 3dsets.com that maks designed 100% 3d printed RC cars. The electronics and shocks are the only part you will need to buy. Right now there are 6, I believe, models designed after LandRover and Jeep, costing between $30 and $45. The STLs are already set up to be printed without support(some parts need a brim) and parts are separated to print in the same colored parts together. All the STLs are ready to fit a 200x200 bed they even have premade code for the Prusa 3.

I have also been keeping track of the Materials, time, and cost of this project if anyone wonders about that. I expect it’s about 7 days of printing straight. I’m sure some of the parts could be picked up cheaper from bang good or Alibaba but I’m impatient and mail takes a year and a day to get to where I live so I opted into sourcing parts locally.

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335 Meters of filament? 1/3 of Km? How big is this thing?

Also, That’s a heck of a lot of money on fasteners. Is there something special about them?

Also, also, you mentioned buying the shocks and electronics, but not the wheels. Are they 3D printed wheels? I would have thought 3D printed hubs + rubber tires?

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All in all, I’m expecting to use about 2.5kg of filament, not including any failures I may have (so far it hasn’t been too bad). it is a 1/10 scale RC so it is compatible with many parts already on the market.

As far as the fasteners so I went with A2 SS from a local wholesale distributor, so I expect I paid more than I could have if I was willing to wait for a banggood delivery. there is no glue in this build, it is all held together with M2 and M3 socket screws of various lengths(ill attach a list below).

I have a spare pair of wheels I can use however I plan to try to print some in TPU. I want to design an inner structure to avoid using foams, I don’t have high hopes but we will see how it goes.


Here is also a link to the build guide.

If I add that up right, that’s over 400 screws and nuts! I think Tesla only uses 395. I suspect it will take longer to put it together than to print it :slight_smile:

Have fun! I don’t think I have that kind of patience.