3rd party parts compatibility

I have a Creatbot F160 PEEK and I am fairly new to 3D printing, but am a fast learner.

I see all these upgrades available through 3rd party parts like hotends, nozzles, build plates, etc.

Knowing if a nozzle is compatible is easy as my printer uses mk10 m7 nozzles.

What I need some help with, is how can I figure out which other upgrade parts would work with my printer?
Does anyone know of a printer whose upgrade capabilities are analogous to mine?
Does someone perhaps already know what 3rd party parts can be put into a Creatbot F160 printer?

I’m asking because I’d like to eventually increase the performance/effeciency/aesthetics of the machine.

Hey there!

What exactly are you interested about improving? Are you looking to make it faster? More reliable?

What filaments are you looking to push through the machine? From what I understand this printer should be able to do most anything you could want to throw at it, so you most likely will not need to upgrade the hotend.

If you would be able to provide a little bit of extra information it might help to pinpoint some upgrade paths for you to go down in the future!


What I’m looking at isn’t necessarily upgrades per say, but alternative replacement options down the road should something break or get damaged.

I know my printer can handle a heck of a lot of things, but if things get damaged or break down/get worn out…which is always a possibility I may not be able to afford the original brand’s replacement parts as they can be quite expensive.

Ah gotch’a,

I will have to look into this a little bit, like I said I don’t know a heck of a lot about the Creatbot printers. Guess now is a good a time as any to start learning!

I’ll take a peak and let you know what I find,

I don’t know how you got your printer, but it’s pretty high end and, unless it’s been abused, you’re probably going to be able to get a number of worry free years out of it.

My experience is with my 10 year old Zortrax M200 - it was very expensive when I bought it but other than replacing nozzles (and the heat break twice), I’ve only had to replace the build surface and the bed cabling, both once. I have looked at replacing the various parts with off the shelf parts, but the parts are either custom machined or hard to find high level parts. Based on what I saw on the CreatBot page, I suspect that you’re in a similar situation; the printer will probably be very reliable for a long time but be a problem if something fails.

I know that you have a huge print job ahead of you but I think you’d be best off making sure you have a few spare nozzles on hand and starting the job rather than worrying about replacement parts you’re probably not going to need.

I have 30 0.4mm nozzles on their way to me right now. I had spare nozzles, but I had bought the wrong size.

As for my project, I still need to figure out how to get all models to use the same scale so it looks good. Not starting to print anything with respect to my project until I have the scale figured out.

Well… I’m in trouble.

My hotend is leaking from above the nozzle even with the right sized nozzle.

The company I got my printer from sells replacements for $139 CAD. A site from New Zealand sells the exact same item for $63 CAD ($75 NZ) but doesn’t ship anywhere other than NZ and Australia. What complete and utter BS.

I can’t afford the one from the company I got my printer from and the people in New Zealand don’t have major international shipping available.

Guess I’m really messed up, and need to look for alternatives.

Found one from the USA for cheaper

And took my old one apart, cleaned it, put it back together and it’s working beautifully again.

My first time ever fixing something mechanical :grin:

I’d celebrate, but I’m too tired.

Did you hot tighten the nozzle? Not doing that can cause leaking. Just an idea that came to me

Actually what caused the issue was accidentally mixing up the type of nozzle my machine used. I put an mk8 nozzle in a printer that takes mk10 nozzles.

I’ve fixed it, and ordered 30 3rd party mk10 nozzles and made a note in my books of what type of nozzle it needs.

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