50-50% Mix For Strength

So I have some Hello3D Silk Dark Blue and some Overture Grey, both PLA. The Silk was a bit soft, kinda springy, and the Overture was too hard for this application. I printed 50-50 mix on my A10M and it made a surprisingly durable ‘composite’.
We’ll see if it survives the 15yr old’s trick-flipping abuse of it.

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That’s pretty nifty. I really like the idea of mixing filaments together to make blends.

I was debating somthing like a Palette for colour mixing, but the A10’s mixing setup seems more affordable and interesting now ahaha.

Well it was a bit of a journey getting it dialed in, but it’s working quite well now, TPU included.
That knife has been dropped 50+ times onto the hardwood so far and it’s showing no signs of failure so, yeah, still PLA looks with PLA+ strength.