-50 Z Offset still not working

My CR M4 is at a -50 Z Offset and is still not printing properly. My temperature is at 220. I have attached two photos.

Is my speed too high?

Is there something I am missing here?

That’s a crazy high number for a Z offset. It sounds to me like changing the Z offset number isn’t actually resulting in the Z stepper adjusting up or down. I’m not sure why that is though, I’m not familiar with that particular printer.

I have the Ender 3 V3 SE and had a similar problem. I had to (1) manually level the bed, (2) manually level the gantry arm (it was high on the right side), then manually set the Z offset. After a LOT of fiddling and adjusting, a printer that is supposed to have auto bed-levelling and Z offset now prints.

What caused all this? I picked it up and moved it. I can’t complain to or about Creality because the printer was fine sitting on the floor, but just by moving it it went haywire.

I am manually setting the Z offset. How do you manually level the build plate/bed and gantry arm? It only offers auto-levelling. I’ll take a photo of the options and post the photo.

I haven’t moved my printer although I did take it out of its shipping box

Here is a photo of a small rectangle I am trying to print and attached are the results of what appears.

Just to be sure, -50 what, is that in mm? If its in mm that is not correct, are you sure you are saving the z-offset after setting it.

The auto level function is just to tell the printer where the bed is, it does not level the bed.
Watch this video and learn to manual level and z offset. This is the base that fixes this issue.
The autolevel function does not level the bed, it just looks at where the bed is.