55 power wagon rat truck

A mix of many RC parts from different models.
Printed in Carbon fiber PLA.
Engine… Cummins 903 marine series(Yes it’s supposed to be blue)
White walls were created using a printed mask/template
Holmes Hobbies Revolver 2
Castle Sidewinder 4 ESC
Gens ace 3s 2200mah LiPo battery
35kg Servo


That’s awesome.

Please tell me more about your Printed mask method for the white walls

Center piece screws through the wheel/rim.
Outer part simply covers the rest of the tire. Made to measure if course. This center piece is for 1.9 sized wheels.


Oh ya and the paint is Protect Dip rubber coating from Canadian Tire. It’s stronger and sticks better than Plastidip.

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Thanks For the Tips!

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