7 Important Issues For Book Printing

We all often say that books are the ladder of human progress. In our life, the role of books is very important. Because reading a good book is equal to a conversation with a noble person. Since we were young, someone has exposed us to various books. We need to read books and gain knowledge from books, so it is very important to buy reliable books. For the current book sale, it’s necessary to choose an excellent printing manufacturer. To improve the printing quality of the book. I want to analyze several important issues that should pay attention to in book printing. Hoping to allow you to print more satisfactory books.

HI @Michelleleechan

Are you offering the service of book printing?

It’s a vanity press.

I think people should be suspicious as there are only three issues listed in the article…

what is a vanity press? Something just to print one or 2 off for yourself?

They are for people that either want to get something published for the family (say somebody’s diary or photos) or for writers that can’t get their books printed and sold by mainstream publishing houses.

They prey on the latter.

The big question a writer has to ask himself/herself is; if they can’t pitch an idea and show that they can write the book in a cogent, entertaining and salable way to somebody who does this for a living and have the resources to get the book into a shape that it can be sold, why is it a good idea for them to take a monetary (and time) risk on themselves?

If you want to print something for the family, I know Apple & Amazon will do it at a very reasonable price otherwise, work at being a better writer and reach out to publishers.

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