76 year old needs help

Hi.New to 3D printing just received my E3D V2 and set it up no problem then tried to find something to print only found a cat on the SD card that came with the printer. Everything went well till about 3/4 done and the filament broke in the extruder I’m using the filament that came with the printer (still waiting for my order of filament to come in). Now looking for items to print.
My question is what do I need in the way of software,computer stuff etc.where or what is the best way to start learning.

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Start and make baby steps. I would not make a bunch of mods until you are configent in printing. Filament breaking like that is often old. I would uggest buying a high quality filament to start with, I personally like Prusament, Protopasta, formfutura, and polyalchemy. High end filaments are exceptionally accuracte, dry and free of junk and not prone to brittleness. I just precludes issues.

You will need a computer I doesn’t necessaryly need lots of power PC or Mac your choice.

Cura or Prusaslicer are the big names in slicers both are free there are others but these are hands down the pack leaders. Prusaslicer is a bit more mac friendly.

Models you can use https://www.printables.com or thingiverse.com again there are others but these are big ones. Thingiverse is on the way out in many ways and printables is rising.
Thangs is also good. For early prints pick ones with lots of makes and likes, they will work well. Some files especially thingiverse are not printable at all. Lots of ‘makes’ will help.

Youtube is your friend.

I like makers muse, Angus has a series on beginner prints.
Thomas sanladerer he is very methodical
3d printing nerd joel is entertaining
CNC Kitchen is the best for tests and such
Teching tech has some good guides.

Welcome and ask lots of questions!

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When you said an E3d v2, did you mean an Ender 3 V2

Brian Vines - BV3D (good E3V2 tutorials)
Dr. Vox
makers muse
Aroura tech (young girl but very smart)
Frankly built

Are a couple more very good printer video heads.

3D Max
flash forge
Euro Silk
True Pure

Are all good filaments, 3DPC basic filament is pretty good and relatively cheap. The best advice I got when starting was to burn through a roll of filament learning how to print so I printed out a bunch of mods for the printer (Ender 3V2). Worked out great.

P.S. be careful modding a printer can be addictive.

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Hi Donkeyman

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us here. Kite and Loose both have some great suggestions for you. Start slow and you’ll be printing anything you want in no time.

Always remember we are here to help post up any other questions you have and we will help you out.

Thank you all for the responses much appreciated.