8ft Cn tower project

Well i came across this file on thingaverse and said i think ill make it 8ft tall. Turns out it was 98.5" at the scale i set it so i had to shorten the antenna to fit in my living room. Ita been a month long project so far and all i have left is to assemble the saucer and wire in the RGB LED system. I cut the windows out of the original stl and reworked the whole thing to support lights. All window sections are made with a clear black so they look like the tinted windows of the actual tower. And of course will light up.


Its nice considering we can’t visit the CN Tower this year.

Great work!

Thanks. Ill post again once the lighting is wired. Maybe a short video

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this. Thank you for sharing.

I agree, cannot wait to see the finished project

WOW, nice job

Are you planning to other Canadian towers or others? I think that would be cool to see them together at the same scale.

Im planning to do rhe skydome in similar scale. Other towers might be fun tho. Ill have to look some up.

The Seattle tower and Calgary tower are two that jump to mind, the tower in Dubai may require a hole cut out in the celling though

Id want to do probly canadian towers just for now. Ill look up the clagary one. Probly will do the skylon in niagara too. And if anyone knows where i can get my hands on a good render of the olympic stadium in Montreal?