A Hot Air Balloon lamp I made for My Son's room


Very nice. I like the balloon itself.

Which material did you use?

I used IIID max PLA + crystal clear

Its been a very popular filament for back-lit projects. Thank you for posting this to the community.

Nicely done. Did you post the STL anywhere?

Really nice!! I seriously love it!! :heart_eyes:

Hi here is the Link to the STL if your interested
The Balloon Lampshade by Shruikan - Thingiverse

Thanks. I’ve downloaded it.

Nice job. I really have a soft spot for lamps. I was so bummed when Ikea discontinued the stand alone plug in Led pucks!

I know right!!!, I haven’t been there in a bit but they used to have the battery-operated pucks with a colour-changing remote.

Well now that I reread that, Its a remote that changes the LED colour of the puck