AArrgh! Power failure 8 hours into a 15 hour print!

Aaargh! My house power just blipped for about 6 miniutes. I had my Ender 5 PRo churning away on a 15 hour print; I’d started it last night so it was about 8 hours in. So of course it’s now just wasted time and plastic…

Gumble Grumble Gumble.

Okay, I just needed to rant about that.

On a more productive note, can anyone point me towards a guide for enabling power failure recovery on Marlin 2.0.x? I know that’s not perfect, but in this case it probably would have worked, everything was still hot and the nozzle not stuck in the print.

Welcome! I got nothing on the enabling the power failure option. I do feel for you.

Half my printers have it and half do not. In short blips it works really well, longer (after it cools down) well I have never had a print I was happy with. It releases or it has huge blobs or something when it restarts.

Hopefully someone who knows far more about such things can offer advise.

I think for Marlin 2.0+ you can do it through a M413 terminal command (M413 to check status and M413 S1 to turn it on I think).
If i’m not mistaken, it can run without a power loss pin by writing to the SD card periodically.

Found some basic info here:

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UPS (uninterruptible power supply) would also work, but can be pricey for hobbyists.


A UPS is really the best solution. I’ve been meaning to get a UPS for my resin printer…

Years ago I tried a ups with a enclosure for a pet bearded dragon to keep a heater running. Fail it only ran for a short while with the draw of a modest heater.

Before anyone buys a ups for a printer they should run some numbers to work out if it will maintain for long enough to make it worth wile.

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Ah, cool! That’s the kind of starting point I needed.

I suppose the next step is to figure out why my Win7 laptop refuses to admit the printer exists when I plug it in via USB, so that I can actually use terminal commands.

For those suggesting a UPS - I’m thinking about it, but my spare income is limited and largely spoken for for the next several months. On the one hand, this power blip is exactly the kind of problem a UPS would have solved - a very short outage, just needing enough juice to keep the printer going! On the other hand, I can’t off-hand recall the last time something like this happened…

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for something cheap, a couple car batteries wired in series would+ a battery charger would probably do it. you could replace the power supply completely and run prints even when you have no power lol

Just out of curiosity I plugged my Prusa into a 1200w (it is old so not 1200 anymore) and pulled the plug on the UPS. it ran for around 18 mins.

I lose power often. Thanks NS power. 7 times this year and it is always seems longer than my phone battery will run watching a movie. For me I’d need a big one to be useful. $1000 +

There’s also a couple options on Amazon for under 200$