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Hi, I’ve built two CNC routers. My question is, when installing the micro limit switches on the side of the rails or frame is there an adjuster plate for the roller on the limit to ride on? I’m in the mist of designing and printing one out. Just curious if anyone made one.

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Hi all,

I’ve just built a CNC router, which does wood well and aluminum just fine, although as expected, the level of precision for creating objects such as ALU brackets could be better - I’m thinking about buying a CNC mill that can manage higher precision.

The router you see in the photo has parts printed in PLA. The aim is to use the router to mill some new parts in aluminum to replace the printed parts and improve the overall stiffness of the router.

However, I’ll keep it to do wood and plastics, while the mill will be used for doing prototype brackets.

Question: I’m currently looking around for quotes to do some smallish batches of about 100 to 200 pieces of some of my brackets in aluminum. I’ve got quotes from Xometry that looked good initially, based on Xometry’s assumption that we all live in the US. once I made it clear to their salespeople that I live in Canada, the quote became far less attractive.
3Dhubs is expensive too, even if I go for 200 pieces.

So who do we go to in Canada to get locally produced metal cut and shaped by Canadian fabricators at volume prices that can compete with the big US instant online quote crowd?

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