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Could you add the Tevo/Homers line up as well? Or are you just targeting printers 3DPrintCanada supplies? Fair enough, if so.

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We can add any categories that are requested.

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Hi everyone I’m super new to 3d printing. My Ender 3 V2 was working great and this happened last night. Can someone help please


Printer printed a dozen or so prints (cookie cutters) fine and now starts off ok at the base, but then the print gets messy with little strands everywhere and the cutter pulls apart easily. It’s like the strands aren’t adhering to one another. Replaced: roll of filament, nozzle, levelled the bed several times and turned the heat up for the nozzle as well. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I am trying to feed my filament to my CR10 Max. Upon introducing the filament into the first step of the feeder, a blue light comes on but the filament cannot go further it seems to be block or obstructed so I can push the filament to the feeder gear toward the nozzle. On the control touch pad I push on refill but that initial component to the feeder still close and the blue light still kind of flashing when I move the filament forward or backward… What do I do wrong??? Any one to help… Thanks