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I bought this printer while waiting for parts for my CR6… Its been working really well for several months. No issues except 2 of the 3 belts stretched after ~50 hours. i changed all 3 and knock on wood all is still good.

I am not sure what the differences are between the QQ-S and QQ-S Pro. I assume I have QQ-S as the drivers are not quiet.

Apparently I can change the drivers to TMS220x’s if I change the firmware or reverse some wires???

Its been awhile and just want to say both FLSun QQ-S and Creality CR-6 SE having been printing very well and reliable. I have only been printing PETG at 240/70.

I added the SR and V400 to this grouping.

I bought a V400 recently. OMG it is fast. Really fast. Reviews online claim it beats the Bambu and the print quality is really very good. 15 min benchy and it is quite good. 400mm/s is no joke. I have not really had any issues other than the cure profile has played temps baked into it so it needs to be changed every print. I have really only printed PETG on it so far. no issues at all. I am super pleased.

I have been printing with it a fair bit. There are a few issues with the profiles but I think I have tuned a Prusaslicer version I like. Super impressive machine