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Hi, From Northern Ontario. I’m a newbie at 3D printing. I’ve built 2 CNC routers and was interested in a 3D printer. I’m working on improving things around the house for now. My printer is a Ender 3 being upgraded as I text. I also hope to contribute to this forum as I get better at printing. Looking forward to this new group.

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Hi everyone! I’ve been 3d printing for about 3 weeks. Some of you may be familiar with my Dad. Frank (Albergman). I got his Biqu B1 and have been busy figuring out this fantastic (and fantastically frustrating) world!!
I’m finishing up a product I’m developing and the printer will hopefully get me the results I’ve been trying to achieve.
I am having alot of problems with some prints that get started (first couple layers) then the x-axis makes a loud clunking noise and stops for a bit. The extruder keeps pumping out plastic, then either the build plate or the x-axis just goes back and forth indefinitely til I stop it.
I’m designing with free version of Fusion 360 and slicing with Cura.

I’m not sure if it’s something in Fusion, Cura, the printer, or something in between them.
Has anyone seen this before?
Thanks in advance

Hello everyone

Im Warlock-

New to the group but not to 3D Printing

hello mike!!!

Hi! My name is Tanziba Awal and I’m from Oshawa. I do modelling and 3D printing because I love animation, especially stop motion. I’ve worked for a studio as a 3D Printing Technician and I loved every minute of it and would love to do more of that in the future. I am self taught in both FDM and resin printers.

I want to own a pre owned 3D printer. Is it ideal or not?

Hello! I am new to 3D printing. My husband got a great machine (so quiet and makes great stuff) so I send my wishes to him to get printed. However, I am hoping to find out more so that I know how to use it too! (Don’t tell him. Shhh)

Hello everyone

from Smithville

New to the group but not to 3D Printing

Hi all! New here. I’m Bobbi. We got my 11 yr old a Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro for Christmas. The learning curve has been one big huge source of frustration for me. I’ve watched a bazillion videos and joined groups but feel like I need some hands on learning. Been able to print a few things, but more fails than anything for things we actually want. :rofl:

new from central BC
background in automation and airsoft, happy to be diving into this world of printed plastics, metals and apparently now… chocolate…(tasty thought)
currently on a kickstarter for a new FDM printer through Phrozen((Arco)top of field resin printer company)
hopeing this group will be able to aid in some of my more software related questions.

Hi, I’m Jim from SW Ohio.
I am so new to 3d that I haven’t gotten a useful print yet. All I did get was one misprint and now some gremlin in the works that won’t allow any more printing at all. Bin at it for about 4 weeks now (that’s about 12 total hours).
Is there anyone willing to help an old man figure this out?

You’re ahead of me. I got one design to print; it printed wrong and now I can’t get a second print at all.

Now, I don’t know how to post on this thread without replying to someone! How do I make an original post to introduce myself to everyone?