About the Vendor Advertisements category

Welcome to anyone that feels this category is going to be useful for them.

The purpose of this category is to give Vendors or New Products a place to post and do some advertising for themselves. Small or large vendors we have no issues with. We just ask that you follow our simple rules as outlined below and we welcome you to our community.

We have decided as a community to allow vendors to post here, All other rules of the Forum apply plus a couple of additions. By posting to this section you agree to the following:

  1. Absolutely no Bots
  2. If you post here please include your company name and a contact information
  3. Please include a link to your product back to your home page, If this is a Kickstarter please link back to your funding webpage.
  4. If you post here be willing to respond and answer any questions about your product our users ask you.
  5. Once you post one of the moderators will message you directly, You will have 72 Hours to respond back so we can verify you are a real person and will answer questions if you do not answer we will pull the posting.