Adding stepper driver to creality board

So I picked up an Arduino CNC Shield where it has four stepper drivers built into it, I’ve recently stumbled across a few videos saying you can use creality boards, especially the Ender series in place of Arduino boards if you want to have stepper function built in as they are basically an Arduino on steroids.

So that got me thinking the CNC Shield I bought. Would it be possible to wire in the appropriate pins from The Shield into the creality printer board so that via editing the firmware it would be able to recognize the additional stepper drivers?

I would like to have the second z axis that’s running a parallel wire to actually be controlled independently with a separate z value so that that if it happens to be out of sync, it will fix itself.

As well as adding a servo that would allow me to change the print angle of the nozzle.

So without having to buy a really expensive full-featured board, does anyone know if this was possible and if there is any documentation on how to do it?