Adidas Unveils 20 gram Lattice Sunglasses

How many new ways are there to mount eyewear to your face?

Probably not many more…after several centuries of eyewear manufacturing, it’s definitely a case of making incremental innovations at this point.

Spectacles are, by nature, very efficient in terms of design: not a single component is superfluous. It’s pretty difficult to make spectacles even leaner, without changing the essence of the thing. All you could do in the past is to make them a bit thinner.

Thankfully AM, material science and topology optimisation has thrown a lifeline to engineers looking to shed a bit of weight without drastically altering the form of the thing that they are designing, which is important when trying to be innovative with two pieces of plastic of a very specific geometry (it has to be kinda face shaped).

STL? It does inspire me to want to keep the lenses from my sunglasses, the next time the frame breaks. I had never thought of 3D-printing replacement frames.

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Right?! I wear glasses as well, I’m definitely gonna try this out!

I just broke a pair… hmm

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