Adjust cooling airflow

I’ve recently installed a Hero Me dual fan hot end cooler on my Ender 3 Max printer.
I’m trying to optimize airflow and cooling for it.
How, aside from trial and error, do I determine the best location & fan settings for it? I’ve seen videos of smoke being used to visualize the airflow, but how do I generate this smoke?

You can try the glass of water method, (1)


Thanks, Mobiobi:
I’ve heard of this, but where I’ve seen it used is more the situation “Wow, I’ve got so much air blowing here!”
What I am hoping to find is a way to ensure that not only is there a good airflow, but it is hitting the right spot, and isn’t hindering the print instead of helping.
The Hero Me documentation gives a range of heights above the tip of the nozzle, and mine is adjusted within that.
I’ll continue my quest, feeling so much like Don Quixote…

I know how you feel - keep us updated as to what you find.

Yup, in that video you can see there’s two little dimples, the one behind is smaller. I tweaked my orifices until they were the same size, then when I adjusted the Z-height, up or down I could see them come together at a spot, so I knew that was the focus distance below the nozzle and redesigned the duct from there.
So basically everything you said.

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Thank you!
This is something that I can work with.