Adjusting Y & Z axis settings

Pictured here are 2 halves of a 3D printed mold. By design, in Fusion 360, when the halves are put together, the opening that the urethane is being poured into, should create a perfect circle of 0.615" diameter. However, it actually measures 0.606" across the mold joint line (Y axis) and 0.587" top to bottom(Z axis).

I can accept adjusting the Fusion model to account for a shrink factor in the 3D print. I’m not certain that the Z axis is set properly. Is there a way to adjust the printer so the circle comes out even vertically AND horizontally?

Printer is a Creality Ender 5 Plus. Material is PLA+ Bed set to 60 C Nozzle set to 200 C

Do some or all of the steps in this calibration page, particularly around the E steps and flow. there is also XYZ calibration, you should be able to get it closer than that.

100% agree with Glenn, Hardest thing to print is a perfect circle.

Filament does have a certain shrinkage factor that has to be taken into account for precise items. You will more than likely get it to within .005 mm, .01 is easy just need to decide first what your tolerance is. once you are within tolerance don’t over tweak it.