Advice for a Beginner

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I’m new to the 3D printing. I recently started working in a small engineering company we got an Ender 5s in the workplace and my boss tasked me with using the printer for our projects which is great because I’ve always regretted not getting into 3d printing in university.

My question is is there anything I should know about the printer other than what is written on the manual, what source material would you suggest to learn more about 3d printing and can you give me some tips from your experiences in general?

I worked for a fabrication firm and did the same thing, printing models of projects, buildings etc.
the biggest downfall is scale. I printed parts at about 4% scale and anything that is thin plate ( 1/4-1/2’') needed to be increased in size to be printable.
also expect fails, they happen to everyone.
Happy printing and welcome to the forum!

Thank you. I don’t think we will ever build something bigger than a small house sonce we make machine and equipments according to clients’ desires I’ll probably have to scale things up or down. Thanks for the advice.

Run away quick before you are completely addicted to 3D printing. It is a hard monkey to get off your back.