Advice PTEG printing, Blue tape

Hi, looking for advice regarding PETG printing. I have laid down blue tape on my glass bed, but when I heat the bed, I get bubbles on the tape which interfere with the nozzle. Am I using the wrong type of tape? Printing at 240/75. So far no luck. Thanks!

Welcome. Have you tried anything like glue or hairspray? What i’ve read about glass and PETG is that it can stick too well when you do get it to stick. one trick I read was to lower the first layer so it’s more squashed into the bed.

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I’ve had no luck with PETG and any painters tape.

I typically print PETG on my glass bed with a glue stick (I like elmer’s disappearing purple) coating. I actually use the glue stick as a release layer to protect the glass from the PETG bonding to it, rather than to help adhesion.

I generally use 230c-240c Nozzle/80c Bed for temps with PETG.

I’ve tried bare glass and PETG and have scuffed and chipped my glass bed before… I’ve even took some texture out of the Creality textured glass a couple times. A release layer really helps.


Thank you for both responses. I will try glue stick first, then maybe the hairspray. So far 3 failures so I have nothing to lose :wink:


Maybe you should just try a clean glass sheet. I have printed Petg with my mono price with a plain glass sheet and adhesion is no issue getting it to release is a bit more complicated but a razor scraper seems to work well for me. (be careful)