After install bltouch auto home is messed up

When I installed the bltouch it seems to have messed up my auto home, now my carriage and bed seems to see roughly middle of the path axis’ as home. Is this something I change after? The bl touch install literature is horribly lacking explanation

And the YouTube videos aren’t helpful either as they all avoid anything but the actual connections

I"m not sure what you mean by “middle of the path axis’” Are you saying it stops in the middle of the the bed? (middle of the X and Y travel range?). What is Z doing?

If it’s in the middle, it’s behaving like it thinks you’re using a delta printer, who’s home position is naturally in the middle.

Check your firmware config files to see if there’s a reference to delta printers vs cartesian.

Yes the bed (z) stops mid travel path and the gantry (x,y) stop mid travel path as well. Tbe firmware is the creality 4.2.2 board bltouch firmware.

It used to auto home at 0,0,0

I"m just thinking out loud here…
How is it finding the middle? It must be going to the limit switches first, otherwise the controller would have no idea where the middle actually is.

I’m still thinking that it thinks it’s delta printer. Did you check for that in the config files?

The only other thing would be the home offsets, but those that would be one hell of a coincidence for all three of them to be set to something that just happens to be mid-range for each of them.

I don’t know. Check the config file for “delta” references, or if not “delta”, that perhaps “cartesian” is disabled by default. Nothing else makes sense.

Does it, in fact, go to the home position at some point, to press the limit switches?

Also, when it stops, what numbers are shown on the display?

The x,y touch the limits the bed does not, and the screen shows

When I go to home offsets it reads err: too far!

I can move the x,y back to zero just fine, but the z at regular 0 reads -198

I’m thinking I may have used the wrong firmware?

My steps for install,

First I fixed my tmc error by correcting that firmware with

Ender-5 Pro- Marlin2.0.1 - V1.0.1 - Endstop.bin

Then I installed the bltouch on the gantry, I disconnected the case fan, disconnected the z stop, and the screen,

I installed the pinboard, then installed the screen into it, I then installed the 3 prong bltouch lead,
I installed the 2 prong lead from bltouch into the zstop connector, and re installed the fan
Closed the case and inserted the SD card and turned on printer.

The firmware used was
V4.2.2-ender-5 pro-32bit mainboard-marlin2.0.1-v1.3.1-bltouch.bin

My bl behaves the exact same way. It “homes” to the middle of the build plate. In my case as the bl touch is on the left side of the nozzle if it homed to 000 the touch probe would be off the bed. Mine homes to the center but the probe points are all spot on.

I assumed this was normal. I am happy this is how it behaves. I don’t need to concern with the probe missing the bed.

I’m just examining the firmware. Are you sure you have the 4.2.2 mainboard and not the 4.2.7 mainboard?

The board itself says 4.2.2 on it when I removed the bottom plate.

After watching some videos the center of x,y
seems normal, it seems like the z is the issue

It seems like this a common problem actually .

This is something but im not sure if it’s what I need

It does appear to my z offset that’s the issue now, It needs to be largely in the negative

Teaching Tech on Youtube has some pretty good videos about installing and properly configuring a BLTouch in the firmware. When slicing, you can also add G code to tell the head to move wherever you want it to during preheat and after auto levelling. Your offsets need to be pretty close and make sure the BLTouch is installed vertically. Many mounts that are printed install it slightly off vertical and make calibrating it a bear.

the teaching tech videos are good and on e other thing is if your X axis is twisted you’ll get shallow and high spots. the BL touch isn’t the nozzle, there is some distance there between them and the x axis can be twisted if the verticals aren’t parallel. this will make the relation between the nozzle and BL touch kind of corkscrew across the x axis.

Figured it out. I had to move in increments at a time, not all at once, storing it inbetween. I was also unaware that a card had to be in the printer to store settings so that helped

Now, that’s interesting… I wonder if that implies that you have to do this all over again if the card gets replaced?

Apparently there’s a file on the memory card that the printer uses to configure itself? I wonder how that will work once octopi is controlling everything later this week lol

seems weird that it’s not written to the eeprom

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I haven’t used a card in my printer except for updating firmware.

Apparently it doesn’t need it with octoprint or a USB cable, just if it’s stand alone

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the firmware I am using is from Teaching Tech it does that same. I actually think it is intentional to save the probe