Air Quality Curiosity

Recently I purchased an air quality monitor. Not expensive or great quality but a basic unit. I set it up in my work studio with my computer station, 7 printers, work bench etc.

It has been an interesting journey. I found all kinds of things changed air quality, some most unexpected. Deodorizer being the most surprising and also more interestingly that silly thing was causing irritation I was blaming upon the printers.

I found it isn’t overly changed by the printers running. (most are fully enclosed or partly) but very affected by a whole range of other things. The plastic of my old drill (silly black silastic rubber) IPA, also sent it into fits. oh and the fore mentioned deodorizer.

I printed ASA (enclosed MK3s+ with hepa filter) over night and there was no blip on it at all. I guess the Charcole hepa did its job.

I found that increasing the air movement made a massive change. I also bought a room type hepa filter it makes a change but not substantial.

It maybe isn’t quite what I expected, not even close. I have been able to identify things that changed the measured air quality and improve them I almost completely eliminated the things that caused me personally irritation. It is well worth the 50$ I spend.

I was wondering if anyone else uses one and what they found?

I ended up with two, the most basic one from Ikea (just a light type) and a Buumin (no name amazon one) Accurate unlikely. good enough maybe…