Alcohol or detergent to use for resin printer

What alcohol or detergent should be use on a Halot Mage resin printer?

Use Isopropyl alcohol, if you can get the 99% stuff that is the best. You can also use the model wash we sell, I will usually keep it a little bit more concentrated then it states. I usually do around 125ml of solution and 3L of water instead of 4L. Model Wash Super Concentrate Resin Cleaner - 125ml (Makes 4 Litres) - 3D Printing Canada

I put the alcohol mixed with water diluted into the curing Machine?

If I was going to curing an object 1” long x 1/2” wide x 1/2” tall how much of dilution would I use?

You don’t dilute the alcohol, if your part is small you might just shorten the time on the wash cycle.
My preferred cleaning process is two steps.
First is a big container with the 3dpc model wash and a drop in ultrasonic cleaner, you could just put on gloves and gently scrub with a brush instead of the using an ultrasonic cleaner. This gets off the bulk of the uncured resin.
The second step is my elegoo or creality wash station with 99% isopropyl for usually 5 minutes or so. This second step gets rid of any residue left over from the model wash but since it’s only a very thin film left at this point it makes the isopropyl last longer and seems to give me more consistent results.

Then make sure it dries completely before curing so you don’t end up with white powdery bits.

Yes the dilution is only applicable to the concentrated model wash which I linked above. Please do NOT dilute the alcohol as this can cause issues when trying to clean the parts. Also do NOT wash the part in water or drain any of your cleaner down the drain, this can be properly disposed of at your local recycling facility.

How long can the same dilution of alcohol be used for cleaning?

The alcohol MUST NOT be diluted, keep it as pure as you can. This will generally last for quite some time, but it is entirely dependent on many factors such as how often you are cleaning parts, how much excess resin is left on the part, how long you are cleaning the part for, and the storage of the IPA.