All Metal hot end

I have looked at the Micro Swiss all metal hotend and have a question.

The stock Ender radiator section and the Micro Swiss one are very similar plus the heater blocks are also very similar, almost identical. If one was to replace the stock heatbreak with a new all metal heatbreak (titanium) and replace the heater cartridge and thermistor with higher wattage versions what would be the real difference between them.

Go with the Slice Engineering CE heatbreak, works great.
I did it on my Ender 6 and Ender 2.

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@Loosenut yes technically you are correct the only difference is actually the all metal throat.

the cartridge and thermistor can, and usually are, carried over from the original hot end. The main difference between the 2 is quality. Micro Swiss machines there parts to a very finite tolerance and are designed to be compatible with their hot ends. When you use all 1 manufacture of parts they are designed to work together. because of this you will end up with a much more reliable product.

Creality does not make an all metal throat for their hot ends you will have to mix vendors to complete this.

I hope this helps.

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In the end it would be a gamble on quality. If your going to go cheap, it may be worthwhile to get a backup heatbrake. Just in case you break it.

If you go with microswiss or slice engineering, you are getting a high quality product, wich if installed correctly, will work exatly as designed. Plus you have the opportunity for proper support.

I would second what the Doc said. Personally I would go with quality. Slice are one of the best. I tried a big tree bi metal break and the bloody thing separated when I was screwing in in with my fingers. Waste of time and money.

I’m not looking to buy one at this moment, I was just curious about it. I’m still printing mostly PLA and a couple of the online printing guru’s have said that all metal heat breaks don’t always play nice with PLA, it tends to stick to them. I have used Luke Hatfield’s trick where you place a short piece of Capricorn tube (takes the hear better) in the hot end, instead of running the boden tube all the way to the bottom and that works great so at the present time I will stay with that.

I have mostly used a all metal hot end. i have never had any issue with PLA. Although I have tended to use only name brand. I have noticed a huge difference between name brand nozzles and clones. Perhaps that is similar for throats too?