Almost ran out of filament

So last night I very sleepily setup a print in Cura. I sliced it and hit “print with OctoPrint” walked away and went to sleep. I didn’t check how much filament was left on the roll, or how much filament my print took, I just walked away :sweat_smile:.

Well, I woke up and found the print completed, but with only about 6 inches of filament to spare!
Phew! Talk about dumb luck :rofl::joy:

Anyone else do this before?

Before anyone calls me out… Yes, my cr10v3 has a filament runout sensor on it… And no, I don’t use it every often…

Yup. Been there, done that, but I’ve also had it go the other way - ran out of filament at 97% completed.


Oof… Running out at 97% would have me screaming and swearing.

I have been weighing the filament lately and thankfully have not run out since.

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That was my fault. I had another roll of black ready to go but I fell asleep in my chair :frowning:

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