Am I Way Off Base About the Flood of 3d Printing News Posts?

If this is way off base, I can remove this comment. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I always go to the “latest” section when I come here, and I’ve been getting quite tired of the flood of 3d Printing News Posts.

I am aware that I can mute categories so they don’t pop up. I have now done that with the 3d Printing News category, just like I did for the vendor advertisements category. The only problem is that once in a while some of the official admins and moderators and other members do put something really interesting up on that category. That sort of stuff I would be interested in. I don’t come here for a flood of topics about every conceivable 3d printing news article, no matter how small.

I guess what I am saying is, for those who aren’t aware, if you want, you can also mute that category. It’s under your profile preferences, then the tracking tab.

Also, would it be possible for all these news posts (if possible, all the past ones, and for sure all the future ones) to be in one thread? It would really clean things up, and those who find them interesting could still read them.

My $0.99 (inflation adjusted)


I was just thinking the same thing. I get all those posts elsewhere and do not think it is fair that they inundate this forum.

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Thanks for raising this point,

Our website administrator is away on vacation right now but as soon as he gets back I will make sure I talk to him and we can see if we can find a way to make these posts less intrusive. If you have any other ideas about what we could do to make it better please let me know and we can work to make sure everyone is happy!

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Im on the other end, i run a 3d printing business and always want tovstay up to date on news. There are lots of facebook groups that might better serve the OP.

I think we’re starting to get inundated with news again…

I took MicroFarmModels advice and muted the category. Sad that you have to do that.

From the way you worded it, is that news user an official 3dprintingcanada account?

I would think it is, but I muted the category, not blocked the account from my view.