Ambient printing temp

This is somewhat related to my post about print time and monitoring the printer.
My shop is maintained between 6-8 C. When I’m working I turn on my overhead radiant heaters.
Is there a minimum ambient temp for successful printing?

In my case i successfuly print PLA in a 10c room whitout problems. I thinks is depending on what filament you will print at low room temp. ABS and some high temp printing filament will not dot it right. PLA is probably the only filament you can print a this room temps. And if it fail, you can build a case for your printer instead of heating the shop.

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It is going to depend heavily on the filament. I have never tried in such low temps but pla Cloud says it works. Petg maybe… I’m doubtful. Nylon? Nope.

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Thanks for the replies @CloudFighter and @kitedemon.
All a bit moot as my printed hasn’t arrived yet. But I’m anticipating needing to build am enclosure.
I read or saw somwehere that someone built one from interlocking foam tiles.
I have a stack of them so they could be useful

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@DavidR8 that sounds like a first design project. Clips or some sort of frame to hold foam tiles together.

I used ikea table tops. the cheap 9.99 ones. It works really well. I need to make a larger one for the x1

What, really? Do you have the post for that?! I also have tons of those available (thanks dollar store!) and That would be super cool do to as a starter enclosure!